Fulfill the Consumer Demand for Information on Product with Peel and Reveal | Double Layer | Multi Layer Labels

By Technical Team - 25 Aug, 2022

What if I tell you that peel and reveal labels used to be available only in selective sectors like pharmacy and food, but now they are becoming popular in demand in other sectors as well? What caused an upsurge in their demand, you wonder

If you are a brand owner, packaging head, project manager, or purchase head, your clients may already adopt this self-adhesive technology. These labels are popular because they provide valuable information, product descriptions, warnings, and more. This can be an asset for your business as well.

Are you wondering how and why this concept has been creating immense value and can be a perfect choice for your business too? Let’s discuss more to find out how cool this idea is

What are peel and reveal labels?

They mostly come with a multi-layer of slightly glued labels and come with pieces of information related to the product. They are pressure sensitive so that you can effortlessly peel them off with the pressure of your fingers to reveal what’s underneath.

How Do They Help Us?

These kinds of labels are very elegant and can be used for several reasons, making them versatile. The multiple usages of a peel-reveal label are discussed below:

  • More authentic information - People are more skeptical about the pieces of information given about the product these days. I mean, come on, it’s 2022; it’s pretty natural to know what & how much we are using or consuming. We deserve to know every detail of the products we are paying for to know about the authenticity of the brand. This way, you can add detailed information about your item.

  • Engaging Customers- Attracting your customers is the major goal of your brand and guess what, the multi-layers of peel-reveal packaging is one of the best things for that. Keeping the 1st layer eye-catching compels the user to read the next layer, which ultimately triggers a desire for the product in the customer, and eventually, they will be attracted to buy it.

  • For the small container- The answer to the limited space is a multi-layer label if your product is in a small container. If the container has a small room to add on the necessary information, such labels might be the only option left for you. In the beauty industry, for small containers, the usage of peel-reveal labeling is increasing day by day.

  • Meeting legislative criteria- Certain criterion in food and nutrition products requires the information should be put in a specific organized way. Self-adhesive label manufacturers can use this technology to achieve these criteria in the best possible way.

  • Competitions and promotion-  A unique packaging is something that will always maintain the difference between your competition and your product. It should be clear with your promotion as well. This method will make sure that the promotion part is there on the item. That can be a code, discounts or free products, and much more. This technique is the best way to show the discounts in multiple layers so that the reader can find out what comes next.

Are They The Perfect Choice For your brand/product?

In my opinion, Yes


Because Peel and reveal labels are primarily used for giving information with a lot of such as data for regulatory standards. These are more than just giving the technical information. These labels can be very much helpful for marketing your brand in a way that can help your brand stand out from the crowd.

To know the WHY clearly, I will give you a brief in the list below:

  • Promotions- They make one of the best options for easily promoting your brand.

  • Nutritional information- In a food brand,  your customer’s main queries could be with the nutritional information and such a technique is the best to add that.

  • Competitions- It will surely make your brand stand out from the competitors.

  • Cooking instructions- As a food brand, you can ask sticker manufacturers to put cooking instructions along with the ingredients. These labels will help with that too!

  • Health and Safety information-  The specific health and safety information can be described clearly. 

  • Added security (anti-tamper functionality)- To make sure the authenticity and the protectivity are on the spot, this method adds a lot of value. 

  • Web address- Adding your web address will be so much helpful in so many ways and this technique can position your product in a different way to put the web address.

  • Branding/logo visibility -  This is also a very common and basic thing for any packaging, and this methodology does the job pretty well enough in that case.

Suitable Industries

Industries that are more information-orientated find these labels best suited for their products. To name a few:

  • Apparel and footwear

  • Cosmetics or personal care

  • Food and beverages

  • Industrial, chemicals, and inks

  • Nutraceuticals

  • Pharmaceuticals 

Final words

A peel and reveal label could be the exact solution your client is looking for. The quality of a peel-reveal label should be up to the mark because there can be multiple layers. So if you find this is a helpful product for your business then you should go for crafting a peel-reveal packaging.

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Fulfill the Consumer Demand for Information on Product with Peel and Reveal | Double Layer | Multi Layer Labels

By Technical Team - 25 Aug, 2022