End to End Solution for the Future of Shopping and E-Retail
The number of digital buyers across the country is estimated to be approximately 330 million in 2022. E-commerce is growing at a pace which we have never expected in the 1900s and 2000s, but every growth comes with challenges, and hurdles and E-commerce is no exception.
In the early days of the E-commerce boom, we have realized and seen cases, where consumers ordered a different product and received a different product, some of the cases involved duplicate products and used products, some counterfeit Products sellers were also reported and arrested because they were using the Branded Labels and Packaging of the Brands and selling the compromized Quality Products.
These Incidents had generated the demand for more secured and assured Supply Chain Management. Brand and E-commerce companies are generating the more complex and more secured Anti-Counterfeiting and Track and Trace Solutions to Protect both the Parties, The Genuine Product Seller and Genuine Consumer.
Our Premium and Hassle-Free Anti-Counterfeiting and Track and Trace Solution is Helping many brands and companies across the industries.
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