Values That Shape Our Path

Equality | Excellence | Innovation


Our ambitions are high but never fall far from our corporate values. We move ahead with a consciousness for equality, commitment to excellence while envisioning the next move towards innovation.


15+ years of expertise

500k sq. Meter per Month, Production Capacity

Save Cost & Time

Reduce Waste

Employee Care and Recognition Program

We realise that what makes a company are its people. That’s why at Monarch, we have a distinguished Employee Care Program that caters to our employees’ personal and professional well-being. We provide our employees with a comprehensive Term, Health and Accidental Insurance, which hedges them against unforeseen events. We invest in their skill developments via various educational programs and appreciate their contributions through well-drafted awards and recognition programs. 
Our well-implemented employee care and recognition program helps our employees reach their full potential in a healthy and progressive manner. 

Fostering Equality and Diversity

The leadership team at Monarch firmly believes in embracing diversity and equality at work, which helps create an inclusive culture. At Monarch, we believe in equal opportunity for all regardless of their gender, race, or disabilities. We ensure that our workspace promotes diversity and no employee is discriminated against in lieu of social norms. Be it the factory floor or the management positions, our criteria for succession is always hard work and excellence.


We have a long-term focus on the sustainable development of our planet, business and community. We are on a mission of making our process more environment friendly and ensure the minimum use of paper, water and electricity in our entire process. We are committed to developing a health and environment-friendly packaging network.


We believe that technology is the key to growth and success for any organisation. Even packaging tech is changing day by day, so we are focusing on developing a “Connected Packaging” infrastructure for Brand owners, packaging manufacturers, and end consumers. We are aggressively collaborating with industry leaders for new technology interchange and fulfil our customer requirements related to Track and Trace, Anti-Counterfeiting, Warehouse and Inventory Management, all under one roof.