Protecting Lives Via Pharmaceutical Labels
The Pharmaceutical Industry is growing at a rate of 20% and after the post-covid Scenario, The pharmacy industry is one of the most growing sectors. Companies and Manufacturers have launched tons of products in the market in the last 2 years and also planning to come up with Big Products Launches.
Every Medicinal & Pharmaceutical Label and Packaging has some regulatory compliances to be met, as set by the respective authorities like IMA, FSSAI, GMO, etc.
Our state-of-the-art solution for the Pharmaceutical industry helps to achieve consistent Print quality over a period of time to keep the product and Brand image intact.
Our Newly launched Brand protection and Track and Trace solution for the Pharmaceutical Industry is Win and Win solution to fight duplicacy and Brand Infringement.
Our Food safe and Medicines safe inks and materials do not make any amalgamation with the Medicines and Pharmaceutical Products and keep the Product Actual Property Intact and safe.
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