Infrastructure and Technology

Our state-of-the-art production facility features the latest print technology to offer you the best labeling solutions. Quality Assurance at Monarch Graphics drives the entire value chain, starting from selecting the right technology and creating an infrastructure that provides an incident-free - work environment. Our both plants and products are certified to international standards of quality management systems. Monarch Graphics prioritises operational and management Systems for all our key activities, from product development to sales, service, raw material suppliers, and manufacturing process.


Total Installed Capacity

Production Area

Clean Room

Automated Inspection Machines

State-of-the-Art Technology for Standardised Quality

Gallus ECS 340

Featuring a technical granite core, a short web path of mere 1.2m between printing units, and trusted gallus technology, Gallus ECS 340 sets the highest standards for printing presses. Its substrate flexibility and minimal set-up time make it ideal for printing multiple varieties at a single station.

Gallus LabelMaster 440

Furnished with the latest locking system for easy and accurate change of printing units, and offers 100% register accuracy across a wide variety of substrates. It can print up to 200 m/min with excellent precision and print quality for little to no corrections.

Letterpress: Orthotec

An excellent print-tech, ideal for consistent and precise printing, this machine features an innovative 4-section inking system for optimal ink application, sophisticated Register Balance Function, finest Dampening Adjusting for proper water-ink balance.

Start with quality; Results will be excellent

Monarch Graphics never misses its commitment to providing high quality to its customers. We have invested in world-class quality equipment at various levels of our supply chain. Below are some quality tools we have:

Techkon Spectrophotometers

Ink Matching Color Booth

Pantone Ink Shade Matching System

Computerized 100% defect detection system for roll form labels

Peel Strength Tester

Moisture Testing Machine & Scuff Testers