Why do brands trust our expertise?

At Monarch “It’s about being transparent, doing what is expected and shared values”. Key to this is the internal culture of our company where we combine our passion for perfection with our industry expertise to ensure consistent and reliable quality services. We believe in the principle of delivering on what we say we’re going to deliver, and every time, not just once, which is backed by our knowledge, innovative technology and a series of standardized checks.


Vivid Print Technology

We invest in the best available print machinery backed up by a purposefully built facility with the most stringent environment and hygiene standards. Some of our proud possessions include Gallus ECS 340, Gallus LabelMaster 440, Letterpress: Orthotec, Digital: Roland UV Inkjet.


Enriching Customer Experience

The customer is at the heart of what we do, not the sale. The teams are empowered to make the decisions they feel are right for customers. This not only provides our customers with a personalized, unique, and consistently high-quality experience but also demonstrates that we understand them and their needs. Monarch deeply dives to understand their customers’ needs and makes efforts to build long-lasting relationships.


Consistency and Accuracy

The Customer Reject Rate (PPM) is a quality measure followed at Monarch Graphics reflecting the number of complete units rejected or returned by external customers, expressed in parts per million. We aim for 99.99% pass rate and take extreme pride in proving to our customers time and again that we are Print perfectionists.


Sustainable Labels Programme

Driven by our commitment to sustainability, we invest in manufacturing high-quality, sustainable labels for all industries. From a selection of eco-friendly, biodegradable substrate types to printing with food-grade inks, we pioneer the technical expertise in sustainable labeling solutions.


Lean Manufacturing Practices

Our team constantly operates via a series of standardised and lean manufacturing processes curated after process reliability checks at each stage of printing, starting from the artwork check. We follow all the essential industry-specific inspection protocols that there are no deviations from your desired standards. This helps to improve efficiency, reduces waste, increases productivity and a great customer experience.


Supply and Logistics Management

Our Competitive advantage in the Print Services marketplace where the product was required yesterday. Our experienced teams are apt at dealing with Logistics and Supply Chains which are becoming more complex and intertwined. And as our services expand to other cities, states, countries--even continents we are well prepared to cater to our customers who want things faster than ever. And with brilliant warehouse management and selection of valuable supply partners, customers can trust us that we can make things happen even with tight timelines.