Peel and Reveal Label/Multi-Layer Labels



Peel and Reveal Labels are Multi-Layered Labels lightly glued together so the user can peel off top layers and read the information underneath. They are highly versatile and provide efficient and accessible space to display information. Both water and chemical resistant, these are ideal for home and personal care, pharmaceuticals, and industrial chemical products.


We craft Multi-Layer Labels in two main varieties, 'Label on Label' and 'Three-Layer Label'. With the 'Label on Label' design, you get three printable layers to display information. Whereas the 'Three-Layer Label' gives you five printable layers. You can customize every layer of them as per your needs.



Our labels are best suited for repeated-referencing of product usage instructions and safety advice. We utilize the limited labeling space on smaller packages to communicate maximum information.


Peel and reveal - labels are in the demand nowadays, the peel and reveal labels gives the assurity of security for the products they are going o stick on.
biodegradable label stickers / biodegradable adhesive labels - as you can find in the name itself, the biodegradable adhesive labels and biodegradable label stickers are the type of labels, which get recycled and decompose with the soil and environment by their own without any external Process of decomposition
Hand sanitizer stickers - Due to Covid-19 the demand of the sanitising and Hygiene Based Products have been increased many folds, we are among one of the few manufacturers and suppliers of Hand sanitizer stickers who follows the WHO requirements and other Legal terms to print and sell the Hand sanitizer stickers and Hand sanitizer labels.



Key Features:


  • Moisture Proof for Lasting Application 
  • Interactive and Accessible Design
  • Effective Display of Artwork & Information
  • Ample Space to Display Vast Information
  • User Friendly and Easily Customizable 
  • Cuts the Need for Additional Informational Materials