Laboratory Identification Labels

Laboratory labels are a niche in the labels industry where aesthetics are far less
important than functionality, and regulatory requirements rule the roost. These undergo various extreme processes, from being frozen to being treated with high temperatures and chemicals. The durability of this kind of label is vital, as the label contains essential dosage or safety information that needs to remain in place and legible for the entire life of the product.


Our Cryogenic labels are specially made to identify vials, microtubes, freezer boxes, microplates, cell culture plates, and containers that are frozen via liquid nitrogen or lab freezers. At the same time, our Autoclave high-temperature resistant labels are designed for the identification of materials that will undergo the high-thermal sterilization processes.


Monarch's labeling solutions are governed by a deep understanding of variation in storage, labeling conditions, properties of the substrate, and the special requirements of lab processes. 

Key Features

  • Can Be Frozen or Treated to High-Temperatures
  • Lasts Long for Reliable Identification 
  • Compliant with Good Lab Practices 
  • Labels for Vials, Ampules, and Test Tubes
  • Sustains Lab Chemicals and Test Methods