Carton Sealing Tapes

We are experts in curating Water-Activated Tape (WAT), aka gummed tape with starch-based adhesive. This Water-Activated Tape is typically used to close boxes in a single strip securely.


Our tape is suitable for corrugated cartons and bonds with the surfaces in seconds. The adhesive of these tapes gets automatically activated when it comes in contact with water and forms a permanent bond with the box. 


All our non-reinforced blank WAT is constructed with 50% recycled material for a better impact on nature. Also, these are tamper-proof, and unlike Pressure Sensitive Tape, and cannot be removed from a package without tearing it. 


It creates a strong seal and uses less material per seal than Pressure Sensitive Tape, resulting in a total cost that is comparable to or cheaper than Pressure Sensitive Tape. However, the tape may not be able to make a proper adhesive if your box is coated with plastic film or substantially painted.


The tape is easily applicable at normal room temperature and performs well in the long run against harsh abuse during shipping and storage. They also work well with recycled materials and non-unitized loads.



When we think about environmentally friendly packing tape then the water activated tape is the solution for this. This tape gets activated by the water contact without any external and internal glue.we also supply the water activated paper tape dispenser with the water activated paper tape.
Recyclable labels are the type of label which gets manufactured by the recyclable poly or recyclable paper and gets printed with the environment-friendly inks.

To identify the egg carton at the retail shelves and at the warehouse, we manufacture the personalized egg carton labels 


Key Features:

  • Powerful and Secure Bond.
  • Forms a tamper-evident seal that shreds. 
  • Easy to handle for hand applications. 
  • Secure yet easy to open without cutting tools.
  • Coreless rolls reduce waste and make roll changing easy. 
  • Easy to Customize