Durable Labels

Durable labels are a rugged variety of labels that are designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions that would degrade the prints over time or deteriorate their structural integrity. These are typically used for electronics such as lawn equipment, aeronautics, farm equipment, etc., and are required to be long-lasting.  


We believe that though end uses of Durable Labels are wide-ranging, there are two things that are consistent: the need for high performance and long-term durability to ensure the required lifespan. At Monarch, we carefully evaluate the end-use of your labels' requirements via a series of connected questions mentioned below. 

  • How much life expectancy is required?
  • What kind of surface the label will be applied to?
  • What are the various conditions will the label be after exposed? 


These questions help us understand your needs to help you choose the right materials and printing techniques for your label.

UL-recognized materials are occasionally required for Durable Label applications. Our team incorporates pre-UL label films and ink certifications into our product portfolio, eliminating the need for extra testing. This saves time and effort, allowing us to begin converting UL-approved labels and pre-certified TTR ribbons right away. All the materials used in our Durable Labels are UL, cUL and CSA recognized and RoHS and REACH compliant.

Key Features 

  • Extremely High Durability
  • Moisture, Chemical, and Temperature Resistant 
  • Heavy-Duty Performance Adhesive