Dot Matrix/Computer Pin Feed Labels/Fan Fold

These labels are frequently used in offices to label goods as well as for mailing purposes. Despite the fact that dot matrix printers have been replaced in most work locations by printing equipment that is faster, quieter, and more efficient, we know that many customers still want dot-matrix compatible fanfold computer labels for their business.


Our high-quality Dot Matrix Labels are available as Sprocket-Fed or Fanfold Labels, which include precision-cut sprocket holes on both sides of the label sheet, allowing for a continuous feed of labels to be fed through any compatible printing device. All major dot matrix label printers and pin-feed printing devices are included in our services. 

If your printing demands are better suitable for a rolled format, we also make Dot Matrix Labels in that format. This lignin-free, machine-finished paper has a permanent adhesive and is intended to aid you in your work. Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art dot label printers and pin-feed printing devices.

Key Applications

  • Ideal for price marking labels
  • Address/Mailing labels
  • Transcription labels