Printing with Lower Ink Gsm

Label Printing with Lower Ink Gsm, is a classic case of ongoing process improvement at Monarch Graphics for the conversion of labels. We today have optimized the use of new plate processing technology, high strength inks, and the cell structures of the new age ceramic anilox rollers. 

We reduce the amount of ink consumption while printing reduces the cost and promotes sustainability at the same time.  To further explain our USP of lesser ink consumption in Flexo Printing, our team has been able to identify the right combination of plate shore hardness, the correct plate mounting tapes, the plates line structure, and engraving angles of anilox rollers. Our ink partners have specially modified their inks for us to achieve solid backgrounds, vignettes, halftone images, among several other specialized coatings. This has enabled us to print brighter, sharper, and crisp graphics even when transferring lower ink gsm at higher plate engravings of 200lpi. 
The printing output by using lesser inks has resulted in much enhanced and high definition compared to printing by higher ink volumes and deposition of more ink gsm. 
So, effectively you can get more print coverage with a lesser amount of ink when we print them!! This is a small contribution from our side to the environment and a step towards carbon footprint reduction.
The advantages of using optimized print chemistry and standardized print process are as below:

  • Lesser Ink consumption for printing
  • Low CO2 emission
  • Lower power consumption by the printing press
  • Better printability, exact dot gain, is achieved.
  • Consistent Colour Densities and Delta E Values.
  • Reduces Color Variations on Press.