Brand Protection Solutions

We ensure consumer safety, build brand loyalty, mitigate liability issues, and monitor products as they travel through the supply chain. As a result, security label solutions have been developed that are difficult to duplicate and support the protection of high-value goods and easily counterfeited items like pharmaceuticals and electronics.


In addition to Overt and Covert technologies, we also offer Track n Trace Systems as part of our brand protection labelling solutions.  By identifying products easily, manufacturers can protect themselves against counterfeiters and improve everyday business processes such as recalls and returns.


In addition, the use of intelligent labelling technology provides brand managers with valuable insight into creating successful marketing campaigns, enforcing loyalty programs, and ensuring products are in the best locations to maximise sales and prevent counterfeiting.


At Monarch Graphics, we understand that the most effective labelling solution against counterfeiters needs to be multi-faceted. In addition to incorporating both overt and covert features, we incorporate security printing, take advantage of GS1 barcoding for serialisation, utilise the consumer’s smartphone and an APP to authenticate the product.